Monday, 25 June 2012

Travelogue TN: Day 6 - Tiruvanmiyur, Pamban Samadhi

Chennai – Tiruvanmiyur

I and my parents went to Tiruvanmiyur Maruntheeswarar Kovil in the evening. It turned out to be Pradosham and the temple precincts were naturally crowded. There were a lot of activities at the temple. Some were singing, some group in meditation, some readying for Tevarams while some went on to a stage for a prabhashanam. Some were busy serving for Annadaanam while many were busy in the queue for receiving the same. We had our darsanam at the Siva Lingam and the Devi Sannidhi and came out.

Pamban Samadhi

From Tiruvanmiyur temple we went to the Samadhi shrine of Sri Pamban Swami. He was a sage who was a siddha purusha and the compound had one of his disciples’ Samadhi also. Also in the compound was a Muruka temple. But sadly we failed to enter the prakaaram.

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